Top 5 Presentation Creation Tools for your website

Developers, type no more! There are tools on the market that you probably didn’t know about that let you create awe-striking slides and carousels with just a few clicks. While Bootstrap Carousels would be in every designer’s toolbox, these plugins and apps seem to work just as well and maybe even better. This list of the Top 5 Slide Creation Tools will give you a real headstart into your app development.


Reveal JS Home

Being innovative has never been easier on the web. With this presentation framework, you can build One-Page-Wonders. Forget about the tradition carousels and slider- this gives you a whole new level of smooth. Don’t take my word for it. See it to believe it. It also features a bunch of other capabilities like exporting to PDF, sharing on and using Markdown contents. Read more on Github


CSS Slider

CSS Slider App Demo
Create beautiful sliders with the CSS Slider app

Are you very picky about your plugins? Or simply want a purely CSS-based library? Either ways, this is the right choice. This helps you create seamless CSS Slides without a pint of coding (Yes, you heard me right!). Downloadable for Windows and Mac Platforms, this lets you customize your slider bottom up using a WYSIWYG interface. And to add icing to the cake, it also supports Retina-display for better resolutions. So fret no more. Download today!


Slicebox demo
Slicebox 3D rotate effect

While 2D gets the job done quite well, sometimes you need a 3D plugin to build a great design. Slicebox JQuery Plugin is the way to go. It’s small, it’s free and it’s Open Source! Read their docs over a Github and download the code.

MaterializeCSS Slider

MaterializeCSS Slider Demo
Right-aligned MaterializeCSS Fullscreen slider

MaterializeCSS is a beautiful CSS/JQuery framework for material design popularized by Google. Are you a fan of material design? Do you want a carousel tailored to your site’s material blocks? MaterializeCSS understands. It provides you one of the richest material 3D carousel experience. They also have a plain slide feature in case you wanna keep it clean. You are missing out if you haven’t tried it yet.


SlidesJS Standard Demo
The standard SlidesJS demo

Want something simple but elegant? You are bound to fall for this eye-catchingly simple slideshow plugin for JQuery. Download the code at and start creating beautiful sliders.

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